Why Your Social Media Content Does Not Matter

June 12, 2017


As a brand, what makes you stand out from others on social media? Believe it or not, the biggest reason why certain brands stand out over other brands is not because the product or service they offer is better, but because their voice is being heard. Nowadays, it’s not just about crafting good content—it’s about finding ways to break through all the other noise so it’s heard.


Your social media efforts should be providing you with customers. Your goal is to educate your target audience about your brand in a way that will convert them into paying customers.


Great content alone will not do this. So, what will? Follow our expert tips below to get your brand to stand out on social media.


1. Share with Those That Care.


Unfortunately, you can’t control your fans and followers on your social media sites and all the content that is exposed to them. However, what you can control is what your brand posts.


Your content needs to resonate with your audience and form an emotional connection. In order to achieve this, what time of day you share is key. These posts also need to have a strong and clear call to action. And while some of your content might be shared information, you always want to ensure the reader will connect its relevance to your overall brand message.


But remember, great content is just that, “great”, but it won’t bring you customers.


2. Don’t Shout Down an Empty Hallway.


What many businesses fail to see is that while their content is great, if no one sees it, it’s not making any impact. Essentially, they are shouting down an empty hallway. That’s why advertising is crucial.


Five years ago, Facebook Ads didn’t have the advanced targeting options they do today. This new paid advertising landscape can hone in on a very specific group of people, making it easy to put your message in front of the right audience.


To put this into perspective, Facebook pages who do not advertise only get 2-6% of their content shown to their audience.


Just think of all that wasted time and effort spent on crafting that great content...face palm.


That is why you need to advertise.


3. Warm Up to the Conversation.


Once you have your advertising in place, your content is now actually reaching your target audience! This is key, because when you’re dealing with a cold audience, or people who have never heard of your brand before, that great content will provide them with helpful and beneficial information.

If you’re familiar with Facebook advertising and you've got the right thinking, you've already got a Facebook pixel installed on your website so you can then, re-market to those no longer "cold" customers! 

If you don’t, you may want to re-think that pixel. We don’t want to have to tell you we told you so!


4. Advertising Dollars Gets You Hollers!  


When starting a Facebook page from scratch, it’s difficult for brands to build up their followers organically. Specifically, because Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult for people to actually find and “Like” you. But also, because as the social media population continues to increase, the news feed is becoming more and more competitive.


Recent studies have also shown that social media channels saw a 76% increase in content creation from B2B marketer’s verses that produced in 2015. Talk about some competition that shows no signs of slowing down!


The moral of the story is that while content is great, without advertising dollars behind it, it will do almost nothing for your business. That’s why we highly suggest  investing in Facebook Ads to get the attention your brand deserves!

Contact us to learn more about our Facebook advertising and lead generating services and discover how we can really make your content work for you!  


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