Website 101: Everything Your Website Needs to Make Your Business a Success

October 4, 2017




Are you finally ready to build or launch a website that represents your brand? While you may be excited for the site to go live, there are some important factors to consider when building or revamping your website.


Remember, nothing represents your brand more than a strong website design and your clear story or message. Keeping this in mind, we have broken down 5 key points every brand should follow for success.



1. Solid Branding 


We can’t stress enough how important it is to execute a strong brand message. A well-recognized brand is one of the most valuable assets your company can own. It is attempted by many, but only achieved by few.


Competition for devoted customers is already sky high. According to Nielson’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands that are familiar to them. Just to put that into perspective, that is almost 60% of business! Imagine what taking your branding up a notch can do if you’re not getting that return already!

2. Proper SEO 


Despite popular belief, you don’t have to be a wizard to make SEO magic on your website. What you need is a strong understanding of the factors that matter to your webpage in terms of ranking and optimization. Yes, we know this is where things can get complex. It may be best to call in a specialized team in order to rank where you want, but most basic SEO is right at your finger tips if you know where to look.


What you might not know about SEO is how easy is it to compete with the big guys. Google and Bing treat all businesses equally, as long as you are relevant to the search. Check out our past blog that gives you easy tips and tricks to spike your SEO.

3. Mobile Optimization 


Mobile devices are more popular than ever before and show no sign of going anywhere soon. We REPEAT: mobile friendliness on your website is not a trend!

If you want to maximize your exposure and business opportunities, having a website optimized for mobile is a must. It’s as simple as this, mobile is where your customers are so it’s where you need to be.


If you’re still not convinced, Google rewards websites that are mobile-friendly with higher ranking in mobile search results. Simply having a mobile-friendly website will get your site seen and visited by more people. This automatically opens your customer base to anyone performing a mobile search, giving your business the ability to be found faster and more frequently.


4. Good UX (User Experience) 


UX also known as User Experience is important to consider when you’re building and getting ready to launch your site. Neglecting UX can result in a sloppy site that will drive people away. On the flipside, developing a pleasantly functional experience will drive users to return to your site.


Remember, User experience is one of the first impressions website visitors have. This experience is important because it can create momentum that propels the business forward or stop it. Users decide in a matter of seconds whether your site or app is worth their time. That’s the only opportunity you’ve get to grab their attention. Make it count!

5. Great Content + Blog updates for SEO benefits  


Providing engaging content is the only way to lead to an engaged audience. Be true to your brand and provide relevant and authentic content.


In order to boost SEO rankings and gain traffic, you need to have great content on your site. There’s not really any secret sauce here!


Google has made it clear that they do not like and will penalize for duplicate content. In other words, Google wants original. So not only does great content make a better website, it also improves your site’s rankings, which can have a very positive impact on your business. Sounds like a win win to us!


It’s time to evaluate if your website is missing some important way to optimize and preform its best. If not, it may be time to call your social media agency- Moxie Media.


Contact us today to see how we can help build a website that captivates and increases traffic for new leads. Let our team at Moxie craft a custom website with branded images and content that will keep visitors coming back time and time again.

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