Top Fall Marketing Trends

October 6, 2017

As leaves begin to hit the ground and fresh fashion trends emerge, fall also has us excited about the newest marketing tools taking over our newsfeed.


This new season is a perfect time to learn how to maximize your ROI! So, settle in with a pumpkin spiced latte and enjoy a sneak peek into our fall trend forecast.


Native meets Advertising


Native advertising is a form of paid media that takes on the natural look of the platform on which it appears. Unlike traditional advertising, native ads can target audiences like never before. It’s also intended to improve the user experience by tailoring to specific interests. 


As research shows, the use of native advertising is on the rise! A recent poll from Business Insider estimates that native ads will make up 74% of ad revenue generated by 2021.


Native advertising has proven to be effective at increasing brand content engagement and driving traffic to Ecommerce sites. With new targeting options, it’s getting easier to fine tune targeted content based on behavior and demographic data. In turn, this also decreases the probability of organic irrelevant posts popping up in newsfeeds. Sounds like a win-win for brands and their audience to us!


Steal the Show with Video 


If you’re on any social platform, it’s highly likely you’ve noticed more and more videos flooding your newsfeed. Over the past year, companies have realized that videos are a fresh way to propel unique content strategies.


We expect to see a rise in brands experimenting with live videos this season. Small businesses are getting bolder with live video strategies by going behind the scenes to captivate their audience in real time.


Let’s put it this way, the social media platform is your stage and the video is your show. It’s up to you to grab the attention and start building your army of brand advocates!


It’s all about Trust


You can’t blame consumers for being wary when many have had unpleasant experiences with other brands. Let’s face it, last year’s politics and media made true skeptics from many consumers.


This makes content marketing more important than ever to get it right and set the tone as a brand you can trust. As a result, content marketers are spending extensive time crafting messages that establishes trust and builds relationships with audiences. 


Word of mouth is still a powerful tool. To further build trust, brands are partnering with influencers in their niche to build genuine credibility.


Brands are making more efforts to form strategies around actively engaging with their audience. Expect to see virtual customer experience become more prevalent as consumerism continues to operate on a digital landscape.


Optimizing Content for Google


Google is always evolving and changing. Once content marketers think they have discovered the secret sauce to the Google search algorithm, it changes again. Although one thing remains true, authentic and quality content is key.


As expected- this just went up a notch!


Google recently introduced RankBrain, an algorithm learning artificial intelligence system that helps deliver and sort through search engine results. SEO experts are just now beginning to experience the RankBrain tool and see how it affects our content marketing efforts.


Simply put, RankBrain matches quality content tailored to the user intent. If you want to stay in the SEM game, you must continue creating high-quality content.


As seasons and trends play their course, remember that not every trend will be a good fit for your brand. Questioning what you could try on for size? Contact your team of Marketing experts at Moxie Media!



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