5 Ways to Get Noticed on Social Media

January 28, 2018


With more than 28 million small businesses in the United States, our newsfeeds are drowning in brands. It’s no surprise that the competition on social media is increasing by the second as the majority of brands are competing with one another for visibility through marketing and advertising campaigns.


That’s not even counting the big guys with the medium to large sized companies. If just a fraction of those businesses competes with yours, that’s a tremendous amount to go up against. If you have any hope of getting your brand noticed in this oversaturated market, you must find a way to stand out.


1. Be Original


To truly stand out, you must be original. Instead of mimicking a competitor, find an authentic angle that nobody has claimed. From there, develop an image and voice that belongs to your brand. Originality should be your foundation for any marketing effort. If you lose your authenticity, you lose your edge and therefore blend in with everyone else.  


2. Be Bold


In marketing, risk often leads to reward. Successful brands do not shy away from experimenting with new techniques. All though not all experiments may go planned, the risk of being “boring” is more dangerous. No one remembers the marketing campaign that blends in, sounds salesy, or generic.


Investing money in a dull advertising campaign with boring photos and dry copy may get in front of your audience, but it won’t resonate. Know your audience and how to speak with them in a way that will make them want to engage with your brand.


3. Be Visible


If people are not able to see your brand, how do you expect them to respond? Potential customers may trickle in via organic searches and other inbound sources, but you won’t find your brand advocates this way. The only way to build a loyal audience from scratch is to be as visible as possible.


Today it's more important than ever for companies to set themselves apart with a strong online presence and consistent branding. This is achieved through a strong social media strategy and a powerful sales funnel.


4. Be Valuable


Do you ever wonder what it takes to create content that people can’t help but share? It’s as simple as providing value. Be aware of what speaks value to your audience. If you find yourself constantly posting filler posts or irrelevant content, speak less.

Less can be more when executed correctly. Depending on your brand, you may try influential commentary, which means sharing a unique perspective on the news or your industry, or providing captivating images.


There are a lot of people out there with something interesting to say, or at least they believe this to be true. The ones who actually manage to break through the chatter are skilled and strategic with how they get their message heard. Don’t forget the core reason people listen, VALUE.


5. Be Social


Don’t leave the social out of your media. Like never before, social media presents the opportunity to build communities with our audience. Like all aspects of relationship, the good ones develop slowly.


Establish a level of trust and value with your audience. Make it a point to prove your voice is worth listening to and advice is worth taking.


Allow your audience to get to know you on an authentic level. No one likes a salesman. Instead, focus on engaging with them and fostering a relationship that goes beyond a glance and a scroll and enters a real connection.


Ready to make your brand stand out? Contact your team at Moxie Media to see how we can help people hear your voice, loud and clear!







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