3 Steps to Build a Memorable Brand


There are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of building a ‘brand’. Contrary to popular belief, branding is not just about creating a recognizable logo. There is a lot of depth that goes into building a strong, recognizable presence.

There are two key foundations, the visual and messaging representation of that brand. The visual is what the audience sees, and the messaging representation involves how the brand communicates with their audience.

From the logo to the way social media is utilized, a brand has many elements that must work cohesively together to make it not only memorable but a success.


1. Strong Identity


As a brand, it is crucial to have a strong “Who are you?” checklist established from the beginning. This means crafting a consistent content and visual strategy to everything your brand touches.When it comes to building a brand, always dare to be different. The key to standing out from a crowd is originality. Find a unique edge that will stand out, this is what gets remembered.


Getting a strong handle on branding aspects is also great way to take control of the “Who is it that you’re attracting?” vs. “Who do you want to attract?”. Build a brand that appeals to your type of audience and that is what you will receive.


2. Connection is Key


Connection is the core foundation that will make your brand the top choice over your competition. Encourage conversation and engagement with your audience as much as possible. Most importantly, get involved with your audience and maintain an authentic voice. It is only this that truly reaches people and builds the way to a true connection.


Social media continues to create different ways to share your day to day with your fans. Get creative with new ways to share and to keep your followers engaged. Give your audience the opportunity to comment and get involved, so they will feel like they are part of your company. Most importantly, don’t forget to listen and measure this feedback. This helps you strategize the most effective ways to reach your desired audience.


3. Consistent Delivery


As the social media population continues to increase, your news feed is becoming more and more competitive. When you’re dealing with a cold audience, otherwise known as people who have never heard of your brand, it’s a great way to "warm" them up with helpful and beneficial information.


If you’re familiar with Facebook advertising, you're on the right track. A Facebook pixel installed on your website is a great way to re-market to those no "cold" customers and further nurture your relationship.


We all know that the key to a lasting relationship is consistency and connection. If you can achieve both as a brand, you’re going to achieve life long brand advocates. Remember, this is the basis for any brand longevity, make sure you treat it with care.


Are you ready to see where your branding efforts could take you? Contact us today to talk to our team of branding experts at Moxie Media Management.






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