Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads - How To Choose

April 27, 2018


With all of the advertising options out there today, choosing the best fit for your company can be incredibly daunting! Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down into the two most widely used (and arguably the best): Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads.


Why Do I Need To Advertise, Anyway?


Advertising via Facebook or Google is a great way to reach out to prospective clients and keep new ones coming back. Advertising is vital to creating and maintaining a business of any kind, regardless of what you’re selling.


Your content should be clear, creative, and catchy, but above all you need to ensure that you’re getting the attention of “the right kind of people-” meaning your target market!


Your content can be fantastic, but if it’s not getting seen than it’s hardly making an impact. Establish your budget and expectations early on, so when it comes to picking your advertising platform you’ve already got the difficult steps out of the way.


Getting Specific


Google Adwords offers “graphic display ads, YouTube video ads, text-based search ads, or in-app mobile ads.” This platform is a type of paid search which relies on text-based advertisements and keywords that advertisers bid on, in hopes that their ads will be displayed alongside searches for these particular words. 


Facebook Ads allows you to choose your objective and audience, as well as where to run your ad: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and/or Messenger. This platform is a type of paid social, which helps users find businesses based on what they’re already interested in and the way they behave online.


Basically, Facebook Ads lets new customers find you, while Adwords helps you find new customers.


Better, or Different?


If you are numbers focused, Google Adwords has the ability to reach over 2.6 billion searches each month, while Facebook allows you to target specific users based off of their particular interests or behaviors.


Google Ads targets only by location- specifically what your customers’ country, region, or city is when they’re searching for you. Facebook Ads offers targets by age, gender, relationship, zip code, previous actions (think “likes” across the platform), interests, hobbies, phone number...everything but the kitchen sink!


When it comes to cost, both platforms are fairly similar, with Google ranking slightly more expensive.


So...Who Wins?!


The truth of the matter is that neither platform is better or worse- it’s all about which one works best for your business.


If the name of your game is lead generation and increasing awareness about your brand, Facebook Ads will be a good choice for your company. If you’re looking for immediate sales, Google Ads will probably be your golden ticket.


Navigating advertising can be overwhelming, but our team at Moxie is here to make sure you make a decision that you feel comfortable and confident about.


Ready to discover the perfect platform for your marketing needs? Contact us today to craft a content strategy specifically for you.


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