What Your Logo Says About You

May 29, 2018


When you think of BMW, Pepsi, and Starbucks, what first comes to mind?


Perhaps it’s BMW’s signature black encircling a blue and white crest; Pepsi’s bright blue, red, and white globe; or Starbucks’ double tailed mermaid. It’s that four letter word that says (arguably) more than your company’s name ever can: LOGO!

Your logo is what your customers will think of when it comes to identifying your business.


BMW, Pepsi, and Starbucks- these companies have logos that are not just unforgettable, but recognizable: across the United States and probably even the world.


Like these companies, your logo needs to reach out to your target audience and pull them it.

If you want your customers to know (and easily recognize) who you are and what your brand represents, it’s important that you keep these nuances in mind when it comes to your design.


1. Your logo should be recognizable, but unique


You wouldn’t start a soda company with a red can! Alternatively, if your logo takes a literary critic to figure out, it’s probably not pulling in new customers. Think of Target, Dell computers, or Fanta orange soda. These logos include the company’s name, a specific font, a primary color, and a single symbol. Simple is usually best.      


2. Current, yet timeless


Certain colors are “trendy,” (millennial pink, anyone?!), but this can sometimes translate to “passing fad.” Even though pink may be today’s new black, consider how your logo will hold up in a year, or two, or ten. Your logo should last as long as you want your company to- i.e. basically forever.


3. Professional, yet appealing to your target audience- whether that is kids who love to play or adults who work in finance


Imagine if a funeral home used comic sans for its name? Okay, so no one should EVER use comic sans, but you get the point. Even if your favorite font is Forte or Papyrus, it’s important to put your personal bias aside and think about how you want your customers to see you. You should design your logo exactly the way your customer will see it- whether that’s on a coffee cup, a billboard, or your website. 


Does creating a logo seem daunting, maybe complicated? It doesn’t have to be! Moxie is here to help. We’ll work with you to determine the proper color and font, as well as the right shape and dimensions. We cater each and every design to fit the specialty of you and your business.


Think it’s time to update your logo? We offer logo design, rebranding, and much much more! Contact Moxie today to schedule your free strategy session.

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