Top 5 Things Your Website Needs

October 26, 2018

When you’re creating a new website or revamping your current one, it can be easy to forget the basics in an attempt to stand out from the competition. But trust us: it is MUCH more effective to have a working, easy to use, simple, and polished website than one with expensive graphics or endless widgets.


Most people know a bad website when they see one. It might be difficult to look at, have popups, play music or videos you can’t turn off, or be so confusing to navigate that it takes ages to simply get back to the homepage.

There are endless other website atrocities that business can commit, even accidentally, when trying to create the perfect webpage. What happens in many situations is that a business gets carried away with their new creation and becomes overzealous in an attempt to squeeze everything they can into a single site.

If you want to create a website that will attract new customers and keep current clients coming back, read on for the 5 necessities of a successful website.

Crucial Business/Contact Information

Plain and simple, anyone who visits your site should know who your business is and what you do- without having to hunt for that information. We are an increasingly impatient species, and most people won’t stick around your site if they can’t figure out what it is you are advertising.

The same goes for contact information: it should be easy to access and easy to read. If a potential client wants to hire you but can’t figure out how to get in touch, you both have much bigger problems.

Ease of Navigation/Use

Even though this may seem obvious, remember that you- or the person you hired- built the site to your specifications. You’ve had experience with the site, so your level of comfortability will be different from that of an entirely new visitor. Before launching, it can be helpful to have a friend or family member (who is unfamiliar with your site) attempt to navigate it. Are their dead links? Misspellings? Confusing verbiage? Difficulty accessing vital information?

Be aware of these problems and fix them early, so your clients don’t have to report them to you later.

High Quality Logo/Photos

We have talked about the importance of your logo and what your logo says about you. This is an even more important consideration when it comes to your website. A logo is often what sticks with your customers, so it should be representative of who your company is and what you stand for. Is it ambiguous? Tough to read or interpret? Scrap it and start again.

The same goes for photos on your site. If they aren’t also representative of your brand and your company’s aesthetic, it’s better to not include them at all.



Should you list every single product or service your business offers, as well as the price? No, probably not. Should your prospective clients know what you have the ability to offer them after they search through your service, products, or FAQ section? Absolutely. This is a great opportunity to put the “work smarter, not harder” cliché into practice. Don’t bombard your site’s visitors with everything you can offer them- give them just enough information to keep them curious, interested, engaged, and wanting to get in touch with you to learn more.


Social Media/Mobile Integration

The truth is, if your business is not on social media, you are lagging behind your competition. Your social media strategy and your website should work for each other, not against. In fact, your social media is a great way to share aspects of your business that don’t fit on your site. Instead of a photo gallery on your website, keep your clients updated through Instagram or Facebook posts! The idea is to keep your business on your clients mind, whether they are on your site or their own social media accounts.

And if your site isn’t viewable on mobile devices? That just about defeats the purpose of creating one. More than half of web traffic comes from mobile phones, so if your site isn’t optimized you will lose out on connecting with a lot of potential customers.

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