Five New Year's Resolutions For Growing Your Business

November 26, 2018



Your competition isn't waiting until the new year to seek out growth opportunities, and you shouldn't either! Making your own resolutions can be a great way to push your business to the next level, but as an early holiday present, we're here to offer you five of our favorite resolutions for successfully growing your business in the new year and beyond.


1. Perfect Your Brand


Make sure that you know exactly what you want your business to say, and that you are saying it exactly the way you want to say it. Your brand needs to be relevant, easily recognizable, and authentic. Customers, both new and existing, want a brand that is credible and trustworthy, which displays integrity and continuity in its mission and the way it conducts business. People want to support brands that they can be proud of, as well as those that add meaning and create value in their lives. Now and throughout 2019, ensure that your business fits the bill!


2. Reach The Right Customers


Whether it's incentives, loyalty programs, or an email drip campaign, make sure your customers are not just new but returning clients as well. It can cost up to three times more to acquire a new customer than sell to an existing customer, so it's vital that whatever you're selling and however you're selling it keeps people coming back. Make things easier for yourself, too, by taking advantage of a customer management system like SalesForce or InfusionSoft. Try Quickbooks for accounting. Keeping track of your transactions also helps you continually update your prices and better understand your demographic.


3. Revamp Your Website


You've got a great brand and you're reaching your clients...but you just might be losing them when they visit your webpage. A good website should be simple and easy to use. A "back to the basics" approach can be a great way to address a website that needs work. Highlight who you are, what you offer, and wrap it all up with well written, easy to digest copy. Ask a friend or family member who is unfamiliar with your website to click through a few pages and complete a few simple tasks, like ordering products or finding your company's mission. If they can do it easily, your customers can too.


4. Perfect Your Social Media Strategy


Engage, engage, engage! Keeping your business on your customer's mind's is the best way to keep them coming back. You want people talking about your brand, seeing it in their news feeds, and following you on all the appropriate channels. Keep your customers updated with relevant information, but don't post too frequently or share information that doesn't benefit you or provide value to them. Figure out which channels are working for you and put your energy there, instead of spreading yourself too thin trying to maintain too many accounts.


5. Advertise Properly


Advertise better, not more. Whether you use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, or another program entirely, make sure your budget is appropriate, you're reaching your target audience, and your expectations are being met- and ideally, exceeded! Successful advertising should help to generate leads, increase brand awareness, target your client base- and yes, grow your business!


Want to create your own list of resolutions to help grow your business in 2019? Moxie can help! We'll get to know your business and provide you with a customized plan for growth in 2019 and beyond. ​Get in touch with us today​ to schedule your free consultation.

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